Cabinet Planner Win-32/Win-64

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  • Version 5.24.0530.1011
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  • Create Date February 22, 2023
  • Last Updated July 4, 2024

Cabinet Planner Win-32/Win-64

Changes Summary

V 5.24.0530.1011

  • Menus (at top of most windows)
    • Copyright Content has been updated
    • Help has dropped EULA and ReadMe as these can be accessed from the Windows Start Menu
  • Project Maintenance: When creating a New Project will display New Project
  • Cabinet Maintenance: Displays type of Maintenance: New Cabinet or Rename Cabinet
  • User Guide has been updated

V 5.24.0122.1008

  • Fix: Some forms could be moved off the screen making it difficult to recover. This has been corrected.
  • Fix: Some forms could not be minimized. This has been corrected.

V 5.24.0117.1917

  • Corrected a few more misspellings
  • Code enhancements to improve efficiency
  • Improved protection that prevents running two copies of the application simultaneously

V 5.23.1218.1409

  • Support option added to Help
  • Minor updates in preparation for other enhancements

V 5.23.1211.1511

  • Update process now keeps user informed of its progress
  • Cosmetic changes and minor bug fix

V 2.23.1209.1234

  • Improved software updating facility
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Several cosmetic changes and typos corrected

V 2.23.1116.1604

  • Bottom area of most Forms (windows) have been revamped and provide more options
  • Several minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes

V 5.23.303.1617

  • Updated EULA and ReadMe files

V 5.22.927.1438

  • Improved Updating process


  • Improved Help / About

V 5.21.1231.1121

  • Improved forms layouts
  • Added Notes for Cut Lists

V 5.21.1230.1524

  • Enhanced Defaults

V 5.21.1228.1653

  • If no cabinets in a project, a default base cabinet is generated

V 5.21.1227.1456

  • Improved verification of Critical files

V 5.21.1218.1350

  • Improved error handling and more meaningful messages

V 5.21.607.1741

  • Incorporated Field Hints to assist during data entry

V 4.22.1214.1830

  • Improved error checking or missing application files

V 4.22.912.1751

  • Incorporated a Notes section on CutLists to Flag any components that User chose to modify
  • Added Shelves option

V 4.21.910.1714

  • Improved calculations for Door Sizes with Frameless cabinets