Storage Bin Planner was developed out of frustration. For years, I was in the habit of buying those annoying plastic cabinets with tiny storage drawers. They were great for organizing small items like nuts, bolts, and screws but I was having to continually replace them. The drawers were cracking and breaking and the plastic cabinets were not holding their shape. The size of the bins meant there would be many items that just wouldn’t fit at all.

This is a tool that helps plan the arrangement and construction of a series of bins. Unlike those bought at the store, they will hold just about anything. They will be out of the way, portable, sturdy, easy to access, and will keep all those little parts neatly organized.

With some basic dimensions, this application can produce Cut Lists for the materials required to build sturdy wall-mounted organizers. It cost me next to nothing to build this set as I had lots of scrap pieces of material just waiting to be put to better use.

I added a few visual aids, some suggestions, and a detailed user manual that will help you build storage bins with confidence.

Screen Shots