Storage Bin Planner Win-32/Win64

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  • Version 2.24.0529.1919
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  • File Size 3,460,920
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  • Create Date February 22, 2023
  • Last Updated July 4, 2024

Storage Bin Planner Win-32/Win64

Changes Summary

V 2.24.0529.1919

  • Bug Fixes
    • Cutlist Bins Required sometimes showed a ghosted background - this has been fixed
  • RTF files can be exploited so these files have been converted to TXT format
  • Forms: Most have the word Version displayed in the bottom-right corner. The version number can be seen by moving the mouse over this word.
  • Help menus have been revised
  • Disclaimer has been updated
  • User Manual has been updated

V 2.24.0427.1842

  • Forms
    • Some fields were misaligned - this has been fixed
  • Help Menu
    • ReadMe has been removed since this option is available in the Start Menu of this application
    • EULA has been moved to the bottom-left corner of forms and now redirects to the most recent copy posted to the WebSite

V 2.24.0120.1839

  • Cosmetic changes to CutList
    • Data now centred in display areas
    • Slight adjustments in positioning
    • Minor changes to some descriptions

V 2.24.0120.1404

  • Several Form sizes slightly increased
  • Copyright updated
  • Bug Fix: Folder location was dimmed and now clearly visible
  • Some Fields have been increased in size
  • Some forms could be moved off the screen - this is no longer possible but they can still be minimized

V 2.24.0113.1601

  • Software Updates streamlined
  • Application start-up informs user when files are being loaded
  • Several updates to streamline future enhancements

V 2.23.1221.1658

  • Bug fix where sometimes the Layout could be empty when data was present.
  • Other minor updates that do not affect data or presentations

V 2.23.1218.1138

  • Support Option added to Help
  • Other minor updates

V 2.23.1211.1239

  • Update process now keeps user informed of its progress
  • Some cosmetic changes and minor bug fixes

V 2.23.1208.1214

  • Improved (and faster) application update process
  • Minor bug fixes

V 2.23.1117.1109

  • Fix minor bug where bottom StatusBar was getting distorted after form (window) was resized.

V 2.23.1116.1604

  • Bottom area of most Forms (windows) have been revamped and provide more options
  • Several minor bug fixes and cosmetic changes

V 2.23.303.1601

  • Updated EULA and ReadMe files


  • Error 504 reworded
  • Project Name added to top of forms


  • Fixed issue with Hints State not being updated correctly


  • Application Updater improvements

V 2.22.625.1254

  • Corrected some minor typos in forms and docs

V 2.21.619.1534

  • Improved file handling
  • Added checks for Project files with Read-Only status

V 2.21.611.1813

  • Improved Field Hints

V 2.20.725.1806

  • Improved checking for missing application files